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Cethe: “Manunggaling” Cigarette-Coffee

Citizen6, Jakarta Cethe, culture brought from the city of the largest marble producer in the eastern tip of the island of Java, Tulungagung, blends of coffee and cigarettes in an artistic taste. Cethe an activity ‘batik’ with coffee grounds in a cigarette. Image made from batik even to face realist.

Coffee grounds used to be a very fine coffee grounds, referred to as wedang kopi cethe . To get this coffee grounds first course very fine coffee powder, then brewed as usual. When brewed in glass, leave to all the waste down and settles, after the coffee water transferred to another container. It could also brew on a small plate and dry it with a tissue in order to obtain a better deposition.

Once the coffee grounds are collected, the tool used for nyethe can be a toothpick or matchstick with a pointed end. Need exceptional prudence to nyethe is considering the cigarette wrapping paper thin and easily broken. Once the image is complete, cigarette dried until completely dry and the remaining coffee grounds to get maximum results.

Cigarettes and coffee like a true friend. They can work together to accompany the chat until morning. They also can join to expel headache pain, calm down. Then they were united in a work of art, manunggaling non-coffee.

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